A Beautiful Kitchen Can be Yours

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen? You have many options available from sprucing up the cabinets and paint to completely rebuilding the entire space. Either way, you can look forward to enjoying a beautiful and functional kitchen when the work is finished. Here are some excellent modern kitchen options available today.

Sleek Surfaces

If you want to modernize the look of your kitchen, one of the first things to do is get rid of outdated ornate finishes. Modern cabinets are usually white or dark wood without intricate trim and accent details. Smooth finishes such as stainless steel and engineered stone are also common in modern kitchen design. Also, many designers are moving away from eye-catching cabinet pulls toward minimalistic hardware

multifunctional islands

Many modern kitchens embrace an open-concept design where the old-fashioned breakfast nook is replaced by a large multifunctional island. This unique kitchen element can provide counter space, cabinet storage, and an eating area while also allowing the kitchen to feel open to the rest of the home. A virtual kitchen planner tool can help you visualize how an open layout would work in your home.

Advanced Technology

One of the most unique features of a modern kitchen is the integration of advanced cooking technology. Many home chefs are investing in futuristic gadgets that make food storage and preparation easier and safer. Depending on your cooking style, you may want to invest in smart appliances, Bluetooth-enabled tools, professional-grade knives, or high-tech food scales. If space is limited, consider installing a dishwasher drawer or an under-counter refrigerator.

Add Some Modern Lighting

While decorative pendant lights were popular several years ago, many modern kitchen designers are moving away from these types of fixtures. To embrace the sleek modern style, consider updating your kitchen lighting to a minimalist look with recessed options. You can also add under-cabinet lights that make countertops more functional. Adding lighting strips along the tops of your cabinets can add a surprisingly decorative touch.